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Summer Events maybe the modern alternative to the Christmas Party

You don’t need us to highlight what’s been happening recently. And of course the event industry has been hit quite hard, indoor events may take a while to really pick up steam. However outdoor events have been very popular as people start top get out and about.

Is the summer event becoming more attractive than the office Christmas party?

With large numbers congregating indoors , and rules that can be changed at any time, there’s little wonder the summer event is an attractive choice for companies wishing to treat staff or clients to an event.

The great thing with a company summer event is that you get a wider choice of venues and dates, plus there isn’t the usual Christmas party ticket hike, for the price of a meal you can expect far more bang for your buck, including entertainment such as a fairground, stage, acts, comedy tents and so on, be it a festival style event or simply food and drink.

Summer events can be an alternative to the Christmas party.

Summer events are your choice

Times change, gone is the sit down informal meal and here to stay is the summer festival style informal event. Being able to offer a wider variety of food and drink choice means its easier to cater for most of the attendees. Why not bring in a horse trailer? A streamline? Or something different

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Summer Events maybe the modern alternative to the Christmas Party
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