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About Us

We are a close knit team who know each other very well. This means that we have an amazing ability to work together to achieve a common goal.

Making fantastic events happen!


Who We Are 

We have many years of knowledge in the events industry and have a broad understanding of many different aspects of events, from mass catering to lighting, prop building to bars. Our speciality is themed events being able to draw on years of contacts and knowledge within the industry. We can work alongside you and your team to deliver, and in many cases exceed your expectations. We have worked at many venues for a variety of clients. We don't waste time on fluff, we get straight to the point.

Current and Past Clients

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The Team

Our core team has worked together for about ten years or so and we help guide you through the whole process to bring your event ideas to life. Behind the scenes we have a wonderful team that work on many of our events.

Alasdair Adam


  • Year in Industry: 20
  • A will to make the impossible possible! Creative, artistic, problem solver


Operations Manager

  • Year in Industry: 12
  • Profile – Super Organised, keen eye to detail, great communicator 


Head Draper

  • Years in Industry: 23
  • Creative and Artistic, able to transform any space with ease, a fabric magician!


Event Production Crew

  • Years in Industry: 6
  • Years in Event Production: 6
  • The handiest handyman you could ever meet. Hard worker, Lateral thinker and problem solver

Heads Bar Ansis


Head Bar

  • Years in Industry: 25
  • Ansis was winner in the European flare championship

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