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Winter Events

Wonderfully enchanting winter theme ideas from the traditional to slightly wacky. We cover it all


Christmas Themes

Whilst some clients opt for the more classic Christmas themes like Alpine, Winter Wonderland and Victorian Christmas, others are keen to try something a little different such as Venetian, Circus and Gatsby. Whatever your desire, we are here to create a memorable night your colleagues will never forget.

See our list of themes

Full Event Production

We offer a range of services including:

  • Theming and production
  • Entertainment
  • Professional Audio & Visual
  • Bespoke structures
  • Licencing
  • Health and safety planning
  • Traffic management plans
  • Site plans for larger events.

We work with several clients where we cover every aspect of the event management process to create a seamless, stress-free event for our client. If this is a service you are interested in or you are planning an event for 800+ guests then call us for further information. 

Long -Term Installs

In today’s competitive market more venues offer themed Christmas events, giving their guests something different as well as seeing an instant ROI increasing customer retention. We have worked with a large repertoire of venues from stadiums to hotels, providing the theming for their Christmas parties running throughout December. We install before your first party starts and derig after your last event has taken place.

Give your corporate clients something special this year. 

Christmas Markets and City Centre Displays

Attracting shoppers to certain areas is a big thing at Christmas, and Christmas markets are becoming increasingly popular. There are various solutions and ideas, from Santa’s grotto and snow-covered roofs, to food and drink stalls and handicraft stalls. If you are looking for an idea for your city or town then give us a call – we’ll help you find something to wow your shoppers this year. 

Christmas Events Gallery

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