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& Production

We have been transforming venues for years taking our clients on a fantastical journey away from the ordinary.


From Prohibition to Chocolate factories, using professional draping, clever lighting, inventive table centres and a host of themed props all bring your chosen theme to life.

We work alongside you to create your perfect themed event to suit both your vision and budget.

There is no limit to the size of venue from the rediculously large to small and intimate.

We have worked with many venues, such as the NEC , The Manchester War Museum, Twickenham & various Military bases. 

Our most popular themes

Theming & Production


Step Through the Wardrobe and enter the wonderful world of

Narnia. This spell-bound theme of eternal winter will transport you into thedepths of a winter woodland. Shimmering white draping adorns the ceiling and you will find yourself surrounded by snow scenes and frosted trees. Watch out for Aslan and be careful not to stumble into the snow queens frozen garden!


Nothing compares to the elegance and grandeur of a Venetian Masquerade Party. Prepare to be whisked back in time to the 17th Century into the heart of Venetian culture where our collection of Venetian inspired décor and masquerade props capture the imagination and take your breath away.

Winter Wonderland

Enter the cool and icy atmosphere of the Winter Wonderland and find yourself transported into a world of snow flakes and Christmas cheer! Our life size props will amaze your guests and become a great focal point to this theme as well as great photo opportunities! Expect twinkling white draping, suspended snowflakes and life size snow men and polar bears for a Classic Christmas feel.

Alpine/ Classic Christmas

Find yourself surrounded by warm wooden features against frosty alpine trees, meters of luscious green garland and falling snow. Our traditional log clad alpine Market huts are ideal for serving welcome drinks from.


It’s all the fun of the fair at a Circus themed party, taking you on a sentimental journey throughtime. Our enticing array of Circus themed party decor including colourful bigtop draping, funny mirrors and life size animals will have even the proverbial ‘party

pooper’ taking part in childhood frivolities!


A great addition to any event. You can cover meters of wall space to totally transform any venue. Perfect if you have a ‘corporate’ looking venue that youwant to use for an evening affair. Perfect for award dinners and corporate parties. Our Starcloth is totally free standing so no need to attach to thewalls and we own all our own stock.

Casino/ Vegas

Welcome to the Glitz and Glamour of the casino Royal!

Adecadent and luxurious evening filled with entertainment around every corner! This is an adaptable theme and can be kept simply as a Las Vegas casino theme or you can choose to add a few key props and entertainment to turn this evening into a James Bond style event, the choice is yours!


Reach for the stars and splash out on a ‘Hollywood’ themed event – it's your turn to shine. Here is your golden opportunity to sashay along the red carpet, pose for the paparazzi and rub shoulders with A-list stars (or at least their lookalikes). Whether you take centre stage on the dance floor or lose yourself in the nostalgia of classic films, this is an evening that will entertain you right through to 'The End'.


Step into to Alice's Wonderland and get taken on a magical journey into one of the most enchanting stories of all time. Our collection of themed props and decor from our giant mushrooms to our ‘painting the roses red’ table centres will recreate the goings-on in this strange land right before your eyes. You’ll be questioning whether it was just a dream or if it’s really happened…


Whisper the password at the door and gain access to this

top-secret Prohibition themed party, an intimate night of illicit enjoyment! Mobsters and Molls rub shoulders with those in the know and everyone will revel in the glamour, danger and excitement of the speakeasy.

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