Privacy & Cookie Policy

Privacy & Cookie Policy

TLDR: We won’t share your personal data with third parties, and we will only contact you in relation to specific enquiries you’ve made with us, unless you’ve given express permission to do otherwise.


How do we use the information you provide us?

We only use the information you provide us to contact you in regards to the specific event or enquiry you are asking about, we will endeavour to contact you no more than three times with regards to your enquiry, if we are unsuccessful in contacting you, we will discard your information and this will not be used again.

Signing up for newsletters?

We only send out occasional newsletters, no more than three or four a year, this is only if we feel we have information you may like to know and it is not used to spam inboxes (we don’t like that either)

Information we have on you?

At any time you may request for information we have on you and can request that information is deleted or updated.

Information we keep after booking an event

If you book an event with us we will keep certain records, such as your company name, address, telephone number and details of the event, we will not add you to a mailing list unless you have asked us to do so.

Any other information

If you would like any other information with regards to any information please contact us on