Step inside the wardrobe, the Lion roars and the Castle awaits your arrival. Enter this Mystical wintery world and choose your Narnia props to hire.

The classic Children’s novel is a firm favourite for Christmas, the white witch has cancelled Christmas and its always winter in Narnia.

Step through the wardrobe from 1940s England through the fur coats, and into a magical winter wonderland, be greeted by the golden fawns or falling snow. A real wow factor for guests. The great thing with a Narnia theme is the Characters you can introduce, from the white witch doing opera, to the frozen living statues, the golden fawns on stilts or a wintery living table to serve guests welcome drinks.

The event can consist of the following, get in touch to see how we can help with your event as we have done with many others.

What’s Included
Fun Add-ons
  • Wardrobe entrance with fur coats
  • Castle entrance
  • Armoured guard
  • Falling snow
  • Dry ice ground fog
  • Flock alpine trees
  • White carpet with snow laden ground
  • Aslan statue
  • Polar bear
  • Ice pillars
  • Frozen fountain
  • Winter garden seating area
  • Reindeer prop
  • Christmas decorated tree
  • Queens throne
  • Frozen palace statues
  • Balustrades
  • Lighting effects
  • Glittery star draping lights
  • Blue and white ceiling draping
  • Starcloth
  • Themed backdrop
  • Silhouette panels
  • Themed table centres
  • Alpine huts for serving and décor

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