Casino Royale

  • Casino Royale

    “No Mr Bond I expect you to die” The famous words of super villain Oric Goldfinger remind us of the good old days, when world domination and crazy plans were a staple of the bond films. The baddies spoke in Russian accents and the British were the heroes, how times have changed.

    Guests can enjoy the fun casino and dress to impress in this popular and timeless themed event.

    What’s Included
    Fun Add-ons
    • Black carpet entrance
    • Rope and posts entrance
    • Casino Royale entrance
    • Russian fuel barrels
    • Ammo cases
    • Bond statue
    • Giant casino chips
    • Giant golden palm tree
    • Silhouette panels
    • Bond backdrop
    • Art deco black and silver style glitter entrance
    • Art deco black and silver starbursts
    • Fan of cards
    • Black Christmas trees
    • Black and white draping
    • Black and white ostrich feather table centres
    • Starcloth
    • Ceiling draped lights
    • White striped walls
    • LED uplights
    • Black and white dice
    • Balustrades
    • Grecian statues
    • Urns

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