Wonderland wedding styling & hire

Transform your wedding into a magical wonderland filled with fantastical features. This will be an unforgettable wedding inspired by one of the most enchanting stories of all time.

Your guests will feel as if they have floated down the rabbit hole into a world that harks back to the wonder of childhood. Playful yet atmospheric, this theme creates a wedding day you and your guests will never forget. 

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The following proposal is suitable for a wedding of around 200 guests

  • Delivery and installation
  • Entrance wonderland gates
  • LED up lighters
  • Aisle Design
  • Colour co-ordinated draping
  • Black and white dance floor
  • 3 wonderland style props
  • Giant roses and hanging playing cards
  • 2 cheeky flamingos
  • 3 tea set collections with wild flowers
  • Boxed hedging lounge area
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Your Wonderland Wedding

Your guests will arrive through the ornate gates of wonderland,  strewn with faux trailing ivy and bright red roses.

They will be met with a riot of spectacular colour and whimsical touches.

Entrance Dressing

  • Fanciful wonderland gates
  • Faux ivy & bright red roses

Themed Decor

  • Your chosen colour of draping to transform your venue
  • Black and white dance floor to dance the night away
  • Wonderland back drop to set the scene
  • White chair covers with scarlet red taffeta bows

Setting the Scene

  • Oversized flowers and butterfly's to create the fantasy
  • Giant "drink me" bottle
  • Giant roses hanging from the ceiling strew with playing cards hung with satin ribbons
  • Boxed hedging lounge area with toadstool and giant tea cups for your guests to chill out in wonderland style
  • Occasional tea sets overflowing with wild flowers to set the romantic tea party mood
  • Flamingos peeking out from behind the draping a whimsical touch to keep your guests talking
  • Giant playing cards fanned out behind the top table for that flare of the dramatic

Table Centres

  • Tall cocktail glasses, a topiary sphere perched within adorned with red and white roses, placed on a glinting mirror plate.

Delivery & installation

Included with all packages

  • Delivery
    Avg. shipment size 1 van load
  • Installation
    Avg. setup time 3 hrs
  • Evening hire
    Additional hire time available
  • Taking down
    Avg. take down time 1 hr
  • Collection