Secret Garden wedding styling & hire

Treat your guests to this exquisitely pretty garden theme; outdoor weddings are becoming more popular however with our English weather it’s better to be able to bring the outdoors in!

Whether you are transforming your own garden or you want to recreate that feel indoors, the secret garden theme will provide a relaxed and enchanting atmosphere for your wedding.

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The following proposal is suitable for a wedding of around 200 guests

  • Delivery and installation
  • Antique love seat entrance
  • LED up lighters
  • Aisle design
  • Pastel bunting and occasional draping
  • Black and white dance floor
  • 3 garden props
  • Faux grass pathway and white picket fence
  • Boxed hedge seating with toadstool table
  • Large birdcage for guests cards
  • Occasional topiary trees
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Your Secret Garden Wedding

Entrance Dressing

  • White antique inspired love seat 
  • Faux trailing greenery and mixed flora
  • Green pathway lined with white picket fence

Themed Decor

  • Pretty multi coloured patterned bunting

Setting the scene

  • Old fashioned cart overflowing with a pretty floral arrangement in candy colours
  • Relaxing seating area, decorated with small glass bottles filled with wild flowers and pretty pastel matching throw cushions
  • Fun floofs hanging from the ceiling lit with tiny delicate fairy lights entwined between them
  • Bossed hedge seating with whimsical toadstool tables & bay trees to create that garden atmosphere
  • Homemade sweet table with lots of delectable yummy treats in a mix of cake stands and bell jars
  • Photo collage within the white wash bureau filled with pretty flowers
  • Outside white antique inspired garden seating set for when your guests need a quiet moment
  • Occasional topiary trees to enhance the outdoor vision

Table Centres

  • White antique style birdcages filled with pastel wild flowers surrounded with little glinting tea lights

Delivery & installation

Included with all packages

  • Delivery
    Avg. shipment size 1 van load
  • Installation
    Avg. setup time 3 hrs
  • Evening hire
    Additional hire time available
  • Taking down
    Avg. take down time 1 hr
  • Collection