Three movies that would make great party themes

Posted on Tuesday 7th of October 2014 by Theme-Works

The Great Gatsby, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, it is clear that movies have a huge affect on trends when it comes to throwing a themed party. These three movies in particular offer a world of creativity that can be taken out on any unsuspecting function room, but what about the less obvious films that would also make fantastic theme choices?

Theme-Works have created their ultimate wish list of movies that they would like to see come to life. 

Pulp Fiction

Exploding onto the big screen in 1994, this iconic film brings with it thick milkshakes, mobster fun and a unique blend of 50s and 70s nostalgia. The function room will be transformed into that iconic American diner, with old-style menus, neon lighting, bar stools and of course a duke box to add instant authenticity.

The menu is already taken care of with its famous Royales with cheese, and guests can dress up as their favourite character and spend the evening reciting memorable quotes! Sit back and revel in colleagues create that famous dance scene and at the end of the night leave the building knowing just how cool you are for recreating this incredible movie.

Rocky Horror Show

Oh the dancing. Just imagine the dancing and you will be instantly transported into the twisted and gloriously indulgent world of Dr.Frank-N-Furter.

Enter your themed function room via our castle drawbridge and into a room filled with gothic candles, science beakers, draping from the ceiling and corner up-lighting to create a dark and mysterious world where anything truly goes. Just be careful to not trip over the hospital beds, spooky trees and candelabras! 


Ignore the sad ending of this movie for a moment (sorry to those who have yet to see it) and imagine your function room draped in white and gold and dripping in fairy lights as you make Ridley Scotts’ Roman epic a reality.

A Gladiator themes party brings stunning delicious food (think banquet style) and epic performances from entertainers, not to mention the theming potential. Stunning centrepieces, balustrades and fountains strategically placed within the room and statues will ensure this movie is brought to life before your eyes.