Pop-up Parties...

Posted on Friday 15th of May 2015

From Car-park to Country Garden, Archway to American Speakeasy, Field to Festival, Pop-up Events are a great way to transform any space into your own fantastical world. As an extra special celebration, you can be sure that your Pop-up Party will be a unique and memorable experience for years to come.

The possibilities are endless - if you can dream it Office Summer can create it! To give you an idea, we've thrown together some of our favourite creative Pop-up Events.

You see Park, we see Pirates

Transforming a field into a festival is the perfect solution for large summer parties. When it comes to family occasions, theming can have a huge impact on making the event an experience, especially where children are involved. From School Sports days to Heroes and Villains themed bonanzas, Pop-up Festivals are Office Summer's forte.

You see Warehouse, we see Wonderland

Okay, so it wasn't necessarily a warehouse, but having transformed the Imperial War Museum in Manchester into Alice's Wonderland, we know how to fill big spaces. Pop-up parties in big event spaces are perfect for larger companies - and a blank canvas is perfect for themed events.

You see Carpark, we see Country Garden

So many people have one and yet so many people insist on wasting this wonderful, resilient space as a place for storing cars! Car parks can be a great space to pop a party. We've brought in marquees and side stalls, created themed gardens and set up sumptuous barbecues all within the confines of car park gates. A great way to surprise your colleagues on a summer afternoon and reward them for all their hard work. 

You see Dock, we see Dickens

Often it pays not to offset your venue with a bizarre theme (unless that's what you're going for, we won't judge). Throughout our years of event experience we've found that some spaces lend themselves perfectly to a particular theme. For example, before it became a popular event space, we transformed the iconic Tobacco Dock in London into a Dickensian arcadia, complete with roasted chestnut merchants, brass bands and shoe shiners.

From intimate afternoon experiences in the company car park to grand family-fuelled festivals in fields, Theme Works will see your event in a new way and help you deliver the experience your guests deserve.